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Submit your training video

Share your Boston Marathon training with us! We want to see where you’re putting in the miles for April’s Boston Marathon! Submit your running videos today, and we just may showcase it in an upcoming Boston Marathon video production! Before you submit your video, please read the instructions and rules below. To upload your video to our DropBox, click the link below:

Video Uploading Instructions/Rules:

  • Make sure you are uploading the original video file. Filtered video files, or videos processed through social media platforms are compressed and not high enough quality for us to showcase.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR FILE IS A VIDEO. If you wish to submit just an image of you training, please email the image to, along with your name and where the image was taken.
  • Make sure YOU are in the video. While we love getting video of trees blowing in the wind, car driving over bridges, and maybe you pets playing in the backyard, what we are really looking for is video of YOU training.
  • Be sure to include your name and location of the video within the file name (for example
  • We encourage you to upload video that is horizontal (16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Acceptable file types are MOV, MP4, MXF, or WMV.
  • By uploading, you agree that your video and any names, locations, and images may be used by the B.A.A., and grant permission for the B.A.A. to show the video in any Boston Marathon productions.
  • Upon uploading, you give the B.A.A. full rights of usage.
  • Please do not upload any video that may be considered inappropriate for public viewing.
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Video Submissions

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