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Participant Information: Timing and Scoring

Timing, Scoring, Rules and Regulations

The B.A.A. uses a timing tag attached to the back of your bib number to score the race. This bib number with timing tag must be worn on the front of your running jersey or outermost garment from start to finish in order for you to be recognized as completing the race and receiving an official finish time. Those unable to complete the entire Boston Marathon course within the period of time in which official race times are recorded (six hours from the time the last official starter in the fourth wave crosses the start line), you will not be recorded in the official race results.

It is important that your bib not be forcefully bent, creased, or heavily wrinkled, as damaged timing tags may not work on race day. The timing tag identifies your bib number and should not be worn by any other entrant. All you must do is wear the bib; computers do the rest.

The B.A.A. uses “net” time as your official time. Your time, which will appear in the official results, will begin when you cross the start line. This will enable us to provide you with and score you by the net time that it took you to run the 26.2 miles of the race. It is this net time which can be used as your qualifying time for the 2018 Boston Marathon, and it is the time printed on your finisher’s certificate.


  • Runners will be lined up on Main Street only. Follow signs to your particular corral, which is located about .7-mile from the Athletes’ Village.
  • All runners are numbered according to qualifying times, facilitating a start and pace comparable to others with similar qualifying times. Runners should line up in the corral they have been assigned.
  • Please start in the corral and the Wave to which you have been assigned. Your starting corral is printed beneath your runner’s number on your bib.
  • You may move from your assigned Wave to a later Wave. For example, if you are assigned to Wave 1, you may move back to Wave 2, Wave 3, or Wave 4 in any corral EXCEPT the first corral in any Wave. However, you may NOT move to an earlier Wave. For example, you may not move from Wave 4 to Wave 3, from Wave 3 to Wave 2, or from Wave 2 to Wave 1. Violators are subject to penalties and/or disqualification.
  • Remain in your assigned area for the benefit of both yourself and other competitors. Please cooperate and play fair.
  • Measures will be taken to disallow unauthorized participants from starting within the official seeded sections. Official runners are asked to assist the marshals by reporting unauthorized participants who may have entered a corral. Only official runners with a B.A.A.-assigned bib number may enter a corral.
  • Cooperate with the marshals at the Athletes’ Village, Start, and Finish.
  • Runners will not be allowed to warm up in front of the starting line at any time.
  • Clothing left at the Athletes’ Village, Start, and Finish will be donated to charity.
  • For safety reasons, animals, strollers, in-line skates, skateboards and like vehicles of any kind are not permitted.
  • Although the B.A.A. discourages the use of iPods and headphones, they are allowed except for those athletes who declare themselves eligible for prize money.
  • There are additional toilets in Hopkinton at the Athletes’ Village and in the CVS Pharmacy parking lot. Please use these units and NOT private property. Trespassing is illegal, and the law will be strictly enforced. Violators are subject to immediate disqualification and possible action by local law enforcement officials.
  • NOTE: Persons with disabilities will receive additional, special instructions by April 1.


All of the above information is subject to change

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Timing and Scoring

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