Camp Shriver at UMass Boston

Camp Shriver at UMass Boston
Center for Social Development and Education
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA  02125
Regine Paul
Camp Shriver at UMass Boston is no longer accepting applications for invitational entry into the 2018 Boston Marathon. Officially qualified participants who are already entered in the 2018 Boston Marathon that wish to raise funds for Camp Shriver at UMass Boston may still do so using the contact information above.
We are so lucky to live in a world where children with disabilities are included in our schools, in our communities and in our lives. But Camp Shriver takes this one step further. Being in the classroom is good... being a friend is better!

That's why for the past 13 years, Camp Shriver at the University of Massachusetts Boston has welcomed over 1300 children, 50% with and 50% without intellectual and developmental disabilities, ages 8-12, from low income families in the Boston area to a free inclusive summer sports camp. Our mission is to bring children with and without disabilities together to provide opportunities for social and motor development, while promoting positive peer relationships among campers.

Camp Shriver serves an equal number of children with and without disabilities so that all children can learn and play—as equals.

Proceeds raised by our fantastic Team Camp Shriver members will support over 120 children at camp this summer or in our school year program, Saturday Camp. With your support, and the support of these amazing individuals running 26.2 miles for children with disabilities, we will make sure that all children are included this summer!
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Camp Shriver at UMass Boston

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